World Sleep Month

March is World Sleep Month

World Sleep Month, created to focus on a global sleeplessness epidemic, is observed annually in March. Spearheaded by the World Sleep Foundation, World Sleep Month promotes sleep education and the Foundation’s Sleep Well Live Well campaign the around the globe.

The sleeplessness epidemic was noted in a recent study supported by the World Health Organization and funded by the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health, USA, and by the Wellcome Trust, UK. The study showed that levels of sleep problems in the developing world are approaching those seen in developed nations and are linked to an increase in problems such as depression and anxiety. Sleeplessness affects an estimated 150 million people in the developing world, the study says.

Alan Gray, World Sleep Foundation’s Director of Sleep in Australia said, “People all over the world are suffering from changed sleep patterns due to the changes in their lifestyle, their work and external pressures. A good night’s sleep allows our body and our mind to recover from the pressures we put them under during waking hours due to our busy lives. Most people do not understand how important sleep is to their well-being and their performance.”

Sleep Well Live Well

“’Sleep Well, Live Well’ is not only our motto, it is the way sleep works. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live in the world, you need to get the right kind and the right amount of sleep. If you are healthy, you can skimp on sleep for short periods, but if you overdo it, your body will take actions you won’t like. So that is why we say ‘Sleep Well, Live Well’” said Gray.

“The World Sleep Foundation thanks the World Health Organization for investigating the sleeplessness epidemic which affects people throughout the world because it has brought a much-needed global spotlight to the problem of disrupted sleep patterns which we have been working to change,” said Gray.

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