World Sleep Foundation Mattress Challenge


World Sleep Foundation Mattress Challenge

in conjunction with World Sleep Month – #SleepMonth

Calling All Mattress Manufacturers and Retailers

Every mattress manufacturer and retailer claims that their mattresses are the most comfortable, the highest quality and promote a better night’s sleep. Introducing the World Sleep Foundation Mattress Challenge, open to mattress manufacturers and retailers around the world.

What is the World Sleep Foundation Mattress Challenge All About?

The Mattress Challenge is the first of its kind challenge designed to connect the best sleep resources from around the globe to the Foundation’s subscribers, supporters and buyers. It is a chance to show you have the best, the most comfortable mattress that promotes a better night’s sleep and gain valuable recognition and connect with buyers.

Why participate?

• Sell More of Your products
• You gain valuable exposure to thousands of potential buyers.
• Your brand and messaging will be marketed over social media resources.
• Reach More Buyers
• Increase Brand Awareness
• Educate Prospective Customers
• Leverage #SleepMonth
• Free to Participate

What we want from you and what you can expect from us

What we want from you

• Tell the world how your mattresses promote a good night’s sleep, in 800 words or less
• Make it informative, not a sales pitch
• Include up to 2 images in your story
• After we publish it, share your challenge submission and show your support for World Sleep Month with your connections on any social platform you use. (twitter, facebook etc)

What you can expect from us

• We promote your entry and product on our blog and news feed
• We share your post with our connections on twitter, facebook etc multiple times
• We engage with you on your social platforms
• We connect buyers to you

Judging criteria

• Winners are based on creativity, commitment in your product pitch, graphics, marketing and social media promotion.
• The judging committee consists of expert sleepers and dignataries and subscribers.

Why are we doing this?

• Education is a core mission of the World Sleep Foundation. By connecting buyers and sellers of sleep products and services, we aim to promote a better night’s sleep, and our tagline Sleep Well Live Well. (Check out our Getting a Good Nights Sleep Does a mattress matter article by clicking here)
• The World Sleep Foundation and its website will promote your entry and participation to our subscribers for your company at no cost to you
• Winners will be announced in mutable categories listed below

How to submit your best mattress product pitch

• Send your best pitch submissions in MS Word or text format to

What happens next?

We post your submissions on the website blog
Your unique story and pitch is featured in a separate post
Your story is shared with our social and news network to thousands of potential buyers
We promote the challenge to our connections every day

Winner Announcements

Winners receive a certificate and are mentioned and promoted on the blog, Sleep Buyers Guide on the website and social media channels. Also the World Sleep Foundation will issue a formal press release that will be posted on more than 300 media outlets, available to thousands of potential buyers and journalists. World Sleep Foundation has connections with media who will be encouraged to write about participating companies throughout the period of the Challenge. There is no cost to participate.

The Challenge is guaranteed to be a unique experience to pitch your mattresses to a sleep community looking for a better night’s sleep.

Join this exciting event! The earlier you enter, the more media coverage you receive.

Challenge Categories

Here is a list of World Sleep Foundation Mattress Challenge categories:

• Innerspring
• Pillow Top
• Latex
• Adjustable
• Foam
• Air
• Gel
• Water
• Hybrid
• Cribs and children’s beds

Challenge Details

• Mattress Manufacturers and Suppliers are eligible to participate
• Participants submit their best pitch on why people get a better night’s sleep on their mattress in a Word or text document to

Mattress Manufacturers and Suppliers’ submissions may include two images optimized for the web in a gif jpeg or png format.

• Pitches may be up to 800 words in length

Submission Details

• All submissions must be in MS Word or plain text format.
• All submissions will be published and promoted in the Buyers Guide in the order in which they are received.
• There is no charge to participate

Terms and Legalese

By submitting, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

• Void where prohibited
• The World Sleep Foundation and its website reserves the right to refuse to publish or not to publish for any reason
• By participating you agree to hold harmless the World Sleep Foundation and its supporters and management for any disputes and or grievances and the World Sleep Foundation will not be responsible for statements made in the Mattress Challenge submissions
• You also agree that any press releases you issue must be approved by the World Sleep Foundation Mattress Challenge Committee

End Date

Submissions are accepted from March 5th, 2015 until midnight US Pacific Standard Time, Wednesday April 15, 2015. The earlier submissions are received, the more exposure the submission and the company receives.