Man Shoots Self in Sleep


A Colorado man had a clear wakeup call early Tuesday morning. It wasn’t an alarm. It was a gunshot. reports that, after the blast, 63-year-old Sanford Rothman found that he had shot himself in the knee while sleepwalking. According to The Boulder Daily Camera Rothman told investigators he did not clearly remember the event. Rothman was taken to the hospital, treated, and released.

Calls to Rothman were not immediately returned, but no illegal activity is said to have been involved in the incident — a sign that Rothman might simply suffer from what is known among sleep experts as a parasomnia.

Parasomnias are disorders that interrupt sleep and often involve disruptive behaviors. Most of these conditions are fairly rare, but when they occur they can be startling to sufferers and their families. Worse, some people with parasomnias may even inadvertently place themselves or their loved ones in dangerous situations.

Sleep experts say these sleeping


Ellen Vincenti went through a two-and-a-half day stretch she will never forget. She spent that time stuck in a remote swamp in the woods about 15 miles from her home in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire.

“I managed to get up on a tiny piece of land, but the water was waist-deep around me,” said Vincenti.

What was worse was the fact that she has no idea how she got there.